True: FBI Redacts Names of Superman and Clark Kent to Protect Their Privacy

Just when you thought the FBI couldn’t embarrass itself any more, they come up with this topper:

The FBI redacted Clark Kent’s name from the script of a play written by the Church of Scientology in order to protect his privacy.

The FBI included the script in a batch of records on the [Church of Scientology] they released to journalist Emma Best of MuckRock in response to her 2017 FOIA lawsuit but evidently redacted the name of character Clark Kent under the impression both The Daily Planet and Kent were real.  –Daily Caller (link here)

Now that Clark can’t find a phone booth to change into his Superman outfit, the FBI has come to his rescue. Wait til they discover the truth about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. That could rock the Bureau to its foundations.

Kudos to Joshua Gill, the Daily Caller, MuckRock, and Emma Best for uncovering this gem.

Some redactions are reasonable–and necessary–to protect national security, personal privacy, or ongoing criminal investigations.

Most redactions , however, are simply governmental stupidity (see above and below) or “cover your arse” to protect the country from seeing your previous stupidity.

SUGGESTION: My strong suggestion to the House Committees that cannot get unredacted documents is that, after they finally get the redactions removed (by threats of subpoenas and impeachment) to release the updated documents highlighting exactly what had been redacted previously and naming the highest official at DOJ responsible for the unnecessary redactions.

Here is the actual FBI redaction of play mentioning Superman and Clark Kent: