Armed Robbers Accidentally Run Into Suburban Police Station While Trying to Flee Officers

This story from NBC5 in Chicago:

Three Chicago men were charged with armed robbery after they accidentally ran inside a suburban police department while trying to avoid being captured, authorities said.

Squad cars chased a speeding vehicle along southbound Route 41, exiting on Old Deerfield Road in Highland Park before the vehicle crashed at Richfield Avenue.

The crash happened adjacent to a parking lot at the Highland Park Police Station.

Highland Park Deputy Chief Timothy Wilinski told the Chicago Tribune the men tried to flee the scene of the crash, but one was taken into custody in the parking lot of the police station. Two others allegedly continued into the lobby of the building, where they then hid behind a vending machine. Eventually, they too were taken into custody. –NBC 5 Chicago 

So, to recap:

◊ Instead of making a clean getaway, they are chased by the police
◊ They crash the getaway car
◊ Trying to escape on foot, they run into a police station.

I have the perfect song for these miscreants. If it wasn’t for bad luck, they wouldn’t have no luck at all.

♦ Tip of the hat to Robert May for this gem.




In memory of SRV: Today, on the anniversary of his death, this great tribute from his fellow blues artists

Stevie Ray Vaughan is rightly recognized as one of the greatest, most creative blues musicians ever.

Today is the anniversary of his tragic death after a 1990 concert in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin.

He perished, along with several members of the Eric Clapton tour, when their helicopter crashed on its returns to Chicago.

An incredibly beautiful and song, “Six Strings Down,” commemorates that death and that of other blues greats who went before him.

Written by Art Neville and others and originally sung by SRV’s brother, Jimmie (himself a fine guitarist), its lyrics remember not only Stevie Ray but many other blues greats now departed:

Alpine Valley
In the middle of the night
Six strings down
On the heaven-bound flight
Got a pick, a strap, guitar on his back
Ain’t gonna cut the angels no slack
Heaven done called
Another blues-stringer back home . . .

Lyrics to Six Strings Down

The lyrics mention the Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix), Albert Collins, Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Albert King, Freddy King, T-Bone Walker, Guitar Slim, Little Son Jackson, and Frankie Lee Sims.

The best rendition was recorded at a 1995 tribute to Stevie Ray and begins with Jimmie singing about his brother. After that, you’ll hear Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, BB King, Buddy Guy, Dr. John and Art Neville–true greats and moved to be part of this memorial.

If you love blues, you’ll love this:

A hat tip to Tim Favero for reminding me of this sad anniversary.