Selwyn Birchwood: “Guilty Pleasures,” plus a bonus treat for my Delta friends, “Kingfish” Ingram’s solo with Selwyn

The lyrics are funny (a blues version of “I can resist everything but temptation”), and the slide guitar is perfect, starting at 2:30.

I don’t like no whiskey
I just like the taste
I don’t like no reefer
Except every day
I don’t like the game
I just like to play
I don’t care for strangers
But I dig the strange
And I don’t know what else to tell ya
They’re just guilty pleasures

I don’t like to gamble
I just like my luck
I don’t like romance
I just love to love
I don’t like the skin bar
I just like what I see
I don’t care for the pusher
But he gives me what I need
And I don’t know what else to tell ya
They’re just guilty pleasures

–Guilty Pleasures by Selwyn Birchwood


Folks in the Delta know about the blues prodigy, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, who has been playing at Ground Zero in Clarksdale since he was 10 or 11.

Some of the greats at the nearby Delta Blues Museum mentored him as he moved from drums and bass to lead guitar.

He was steeped in gospel, country, and blues from the nursery. He’s a cousin of the great country singer, Charlie Pride, of Sledge, Mississippi. (Kingfish’s mom is Princess Pride. Another member of the Pride family, L.C., was a beloved policeman in my hometown of Marks. Sledge, Marks, and Clarksdale are all in the Delta, about 80 miles south of Memphis.)

Now, at 17, Kingfish is an experienced bluesman with extraordinary gifts.

Here, he does an incredible solo here with Birchwood backing him.  After he finishes, listen to what Selwyn says.