Occasional Quotes: Divided America

We all know how deeply divided the country is.

Sometimes, though, a small, seemingly-insignificant item can reveal the depths in a new way.

That’s how I felt when I read this.

This is a paragraph in a New York Times news article (link here) about Megyn Kelly and the controversy surrounding her bumpy rollout at NBC, most recently involving the interview with conspiracy theorist and radio personality, Alex Jones.

But the comment was not about Megyn.

It was about a small, playful incident (utterly forgotten by me) involving Jimmy Fallon and Donald Trump.

“It’s Jimmy Fallon tousling Trump’s hair,” said Martin Kaplan, director of the Norman Lear Center for media and society at the University of Southern California, likening the Kelly-Jones tempest to the moment last fall that is widely considered to have caused lasting damage to Mr. Fallon, NBC’s “Tonight Show” host–New York Times

Lasting damage? Good Lord.

Apparently, even playing with and humanizing Donald Trump is unacceptable to the other side.

You do not have to support Trump–or even like him–to find that a startling piece of news about America’s divide.