ZipDialog Roundup for Columbus Day, Monday, October 9

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Deal on “Dreamers”? Only with other tough provisions on immigration, says White House (New York Times)

Before agreeing to provide legal status for 800,000 young immigrants brought here illegally as children, Mr. Trump will insist on the construction of a wall across the southern border, the hiring of 10,000 immigration agents, tougher laws for those seeking asylum and denial of federal grants to “sanctuary cities,” officials said. –NYT

Comment: Time for Democrats to do some polling.

Saturday Night Live: Great spoof of OJ Simpson on a post-prison date, but radio silence about Harvey Weinstein (Fox News)

Lorne Michaels offered a lame, non-explanation.

Comment: My hunch is that they will have plenty next week, now that they know Harvey is not protected by their media friends.

Another interesting–and disturbing–story is how many publications knew about the harassment and never printed it.

Some brave Russian journalists are risking their lives to investigate the Russian “troll farm” involved in the US election (Washington Post)

It’s the same troll farm that Mueller and the US Congress are investigating.

Comment: Right now, it’s a human-interest story. Let’s hope the Kremlin doesn’t make it a former-human interest story.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones says players who don’t stand will be benched for that game (New York Post)

Jones also defended VP Mike Pence’s decision to leave the Indianapolis Colts’ game after some SF 49er players knelt for the national anthem.

Here’s the Dallas Morning News report on Jones’ decision.

Ireland is issuing a new stamp

Comment: Be the first on your block to collect all the heroes in Ireland’s new “Honoring Murderers” Series.

The Red Brigades are the most collectible.