Twitter fight: IowaHawk levels Bill Ayers

The fight broke out after Ayers congratulated Pres. Obama over his controversial pardons and commutations.

Since the tweets refer to Diana Oughton, here’s a little background.

She was Bill Ayers’ girlfriend, fellow member of the Weathermen terror group, and was killed in a “work accident,” building a nail bomb.

Here is Ayers’ original tweet, praising Obama, followed by IowaHawk’s response, and some of the comebacks after that.

ZipDialog’s Roundup of News Beyond the Front Page . . Sunday, Nov. 20

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◆ Get ready for a LOT more of this: Norway’s planned donations to the Clinton Foundation for next year are down 90% from their peak. (Daily Caller)

clinton-foundation-300px-no-marginsComment: Utterly predictable. When the donations are mainly to cultivate your future power-in-office, then they will decline sharply when your political future dies.

Comment: Speaking engagements now open!



◆ IowaHawk has the best comments on the cast of Hamilton lecturing Mike Pence:


◆ How Japan filled a huge, giant, enormous sinkhole–65 feet deep–in the middle of a city within a week.  (Wired) Chicago officials scoffed, noting that “in our city, 3 potholes can provide steady employment for city workers for 13 years.”

isis-200px-w-right-margin◆ ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, seems a tad worried he might be targetted by the US. Refuses to sleep without a suicide vest. (Fox News) Also, demands the flowers, hard candy, and Tempur-Pedic bed in his hotel suite.

◆ An interview with Steve Bannon. (Hollywood Reporter) Make up your own mind.bannon-steve-300px-no-margins

I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a nationalist. I’m an economic nationalist . . . Like [Andrew] Jackson’s populism, we’re going to build an entirely new political movement. It’s everything related to jobs. The conservatives are going to go crazy. I’m the guy pushing a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. –Steve Bannon in the Hollywood Reporter


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