ZipDialog Roundup for Monday, September 11

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◆ Remembering those who died in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Those in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the airplanes, and the selfless first responders.

As the prayer says, “May their memory be for a blessing.”

Florida’s massive cleanup begins

Miami Airport closed Monday because of “significant water damage.” Fears for Florida Keys and southwest FL

Updated coverage in Miami Herald

Gangs loot in Ft Lauderdale. Smash windows, grab boxes of shoes and clothes from stores (NBC Miami)

Comment: They will claim to be victims, not the perps, in 3, 2, 1 . . .

Btw, Houston and south Texas maintained law and order after their disaster. Let’s hope other cities in Florida can, too.

Speaking of crime, the creator of McGruff, the Crime-Fighting Dog, dies. Jack Keil was 94. (New York Times)

Comment: He was 650 in dog years.

 Yawn: Hillary criticizes Donald as she rolls out her book. Upset about identity politics . . . when used by others.

That’s a shocker. She says Trump “used race to win the election” (Washington Post)

She adds that his inaugural speech was a white-nationalist cry from the gut.

Comment: Mrs. Clinton is shocked, shocked to discover identity politics is being practiced in America.

She plans to search high and low to find the political party that relies on it and on divisive ethnic- and racial-mobilization.

We wish her the best of luck.

China pushing for lots more electric cars. Global manufacturers rush in, despite risks (New York Times)

Comment: The main risk is to intellectual property.

To gain access to their market, the Chinese demand outsiders give away their proprietary technology to local firms.

First, robot vacuum cleaners. Now, lawnmowers.

The best ones, by Husqvarna, currently run $2,000 to $3,500. They rely on GPS and advanced electronics, mow 1.25 acres, and have anti-theft devices. (Link to story here)

Comment: As with all electronics, expect the prices to drop steadily.

Once manufactures produce really heavy-duty machines, the robots should save enormous $$$ maintaining highways and parks.

Expect autonomous snow-plows and more over the next few years.

Equifax: Still neck-deep in trouble after the hack. Their site to see if you have been hacked is returning random results (Slashdot TechCrunch)


Hat Tip to

Michael Lipson for the Equifax story

◆ Ed Vidal for Ft. Lauderdale