ZipDialog’s Roundup of News Beyond the Front Page . .Sunday, Dec. 18

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Beijing will return America’s underwater drone it seized in international waters, the Pentagon says. (Washington Post) Trump tweeted that China could keep the damned thing.

Wisconsin student try to ban conservative group for inviting Ben Shapiro to speak, which the progressives consider an attack on all minority groups (Daily Caller)

◆ Having a blog means getting spam promotions, but some come from better names than others. You gotta love this one: Alphonse Kinderknecht.

Bobby Mugabe, who has rule Zimbabwe for decades, has decided to run for president again. He is 92 and his chances of winning, should he be alive, are approximately 100%. (CBS)

Inventor of the Heimlich manuever, which has saved countless lives, has died. ( I’ve always wondered why other doctors were proud to have terrible diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, named after them. But Dr. Heimlich’s procedure seems like a wonderful honor.



DePaul’s Latest Suppression of Free Speech

DePaul University deserves special attention because it is specially dreadful on free speech.

This is the university that

  • took away the students’ chalk after one wrote “Trump 2016” last spring,
  • routinely prevents conservative speakers from coming on campus, and
  • prevented one student group from putting up a poster that read “Unborn Lives Matter.” Their rationale: it did not reflect DePaul’s Catholic values.

DePaul is proud of these achievements.

And it does not want to sit on its PC laurels. It runs hard to remain the laughingstock of higher education.

Here’s what happened on Tuesday night, November 15.