Cincy baseball manager PAUSES his rant at the Umpire when the stadium speakers played “God Bless America” (Plus a special bonus with Ray Charles)

It’s the 7th inning and a Cincinnati player had just been thrown out.

The manager comes out and starts yelling, naturally.

Then everybody–including the manager and the ump–paused as God Bless America was played during the 7th inning stretch.

As soon as the song ended, they resumed arguing!

The story and the video are here (Total Pro Sports)


A welcome contrast to those NFL players who kneel.

I identify with Daffy, not Colin, here.


Much as I like “God Bless America,” I love “America the Beautiful”

To be more specific:

Our National Anthem should be
Ray Charles Singing “America the Beautiful”

Others would be allowed to sing along.

Here, as we remember 9/11, is Ray’s spine-chilling version (sung in 1972, at the height of his powers).

Through Ray’s genius, it captures both the beauty and the pain of our history.


Even Col. Sanders would put his hand over his heart and sing along

A little patriotic music for the holiday.


A tip of the Colonel’s hat to Sam Stubbs for this gem

and to Gary Hoover, who criticized the chicken’s performance as “cultural appropriation.”


By the way, the last time I saw that chicken, it was walking with a crutch.

I asked the owner why, and she said, “A chicken that talented. . . you can’t eat him all at once.”