Two great, new blues songs: “It’s On My List to Quit” and “Three Forks.” Take my word: they are fabulous

Both are by the “Altered Five” and I’ve posted one of them before.

But “On My List to Quit” is so damned good, and so catchy, that I want to make sure you see it. Frankly, it is caught in my head, happily repeating.

The second one, “Take me back to Three Forks, 1938,” refers to the location of the juke joint where Robert Johnson was poisoned that year. Another great song.

Btw, if you look at the image on “ZipDialog Presents the Blues,” you will see the signs for Mississippi Highways 49 and 61. They are the great blues highways in the Delta, both named in countless songs.

They meet in Clarksdale and that town claims them as theĀ  “crossroads” as the one where the devil taught Robert Johnson how to play. (Those of us from around there know it as the place where the devil taught Abe Davis how to make great BBQ.) In the “Three Forks” song, you’ll hear highway 49 in the lyrics.