• Winners and Losers This Week: Clinton, Trump, and Gary Johnson

    Unambiguous Winner this week: Hillary Clinton



    • She won the debate
    • She won the post-debate, partly through her efforts, partly through Trump’s bizarre decision to spend the week on the country’s least pressing issue
    • She benefits from Gary Johnson’s goofs, since his┬ávote comes more from her than from Trump

    Losers of the Week: Donald Trump, Gary Johnson



    • Trump’s tweets reinforced all his negatives
    • Gary Johnson’s losses hurt Trump in key battleground states; yes, Johnson won a couple of endorsements by major newspapers, but he demonstrated a woeful lack of knowledge about matters a major candidate should know (ask Rick Perry)
    • Polls conducted toward the end of the week show Hillary has gained slightly, both nationally and in key battlegrounds.


    This race is still close, it’s still the oddest race I’ve ever seen, and it’s still October, the month of surprises

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