• Not just a “smart home device,” a very smart one

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    Engadget reports the strangest story of the day:

    • A domestic fight, with
    • A gun, some injuries, and a threatening question: “Did you call the sheriff?”
    • And a smart-home device that fortunately misinterpreted the question as a request to make a call to 911

    It did. The police listened, arrived, and prevented even worse mayhem.

    New Mexico police report that a smart home device intervened in a domestic violence incident by calling 911. When Eduardo Barros asked “did you call the sheriffs?” as he threatened his girlfriend with a gun during a fight, the device interpreted it as a request to call emergency services. They overheard the altercation and called both negotiators and a SWAT team, who arrested Barros over assault, battery and firearms charges after a stand-off.

    Barros’ girlfriend was hurt in the altercation. However, police contend that the situation could have been much worse. County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales believes that the command “possibly helped save a life,” including that of the girlfriend’s daughter (who was thankfully unharmed) –Engadget

    Comment: I think the device was really hoping for a robo-cop.