• Hypocrite of the Day: Comedian John Oliver

    Oliver earns his living making fun of conservatives, the right, and anyone who dislikes his vision of an ideal society, which is essentially European socialism.

    So, it was amusing to see that he and his lawyers have figured out the best way to avoid the taxes needed to pay for this utopia.

    The story is here, at the Observer.

    The headline: The John Oliver Property Tax Scam: HBO Comedian Secretly Buys Manhattan Mansion

    The subheader: Liberal Deity avoids taxes by using loophole created by Donald Trump

    To quote from the Observer story:

    The hypocrisy really gets ratcheted up with John Oliver, the No. 1 darling to so many liberal anti-Trumpies, who regularly attacks GOP tax schemes as giveaways to the rich and detrimental to the poor.  . . .  Oliver even briefly established the bogus Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption to draw attention to tax-exempt status granted to churches and charities.

    [In July 2014] Oliver said, “At this point the rich are just running up the score…What sets America apart is that we are actively introducing policies that disproportionately benefit the wealthy,” such as tax cuts and loopholes like trusts.

    So it’s a little surprising to discover that just months before, Oliver had a tax attorney set up two revocable trusts, one for him and one for his wife, to hide the couple’s purchase of a $9.5 million Manhattan penthouse. Then he used a tax loophole created by Donald Trump himself back in the 1970s.   . . .

    But just four months before Oliver’s July show, he had hired slick New York law firm Proskauer Rose LLP, which, in addition to union-busting and representing BP America, ChevronTexaco and ExxonMobil, specializes in helping the rich find tax breaks and buy real estate. –The Observer

    And that law firm squeezed him through every loophole available in the building for the super-rich, where his neighbors are major domos in hedge funds and the like.


    It is not wrong for the rich to favor redistribution. 

    It is not wrong to pay the least taxes you owe legally.

    But it hypocritical to hide your wealth, avoid all the taxes you can legally, and live a pampered life among the rich while simultaneously criticizing everyone else for doing exactly what you are doing.

    Ultimately, he’s just another vote for the late Sen. Russell Long’s insight: