• Chicago Cubs’ star and cancer survivor, Anthony Rizzo, makes major contribution to children’s cancer hospital

    Rizzo fights back tears as he visits children at the ribbon cutting

    The Chicago Tribune reports:

    “Geez,” said Rizzo, sniffing, turning away and fighting back tears during a ceremony to commemorate his foundation’s $3.5 million commitment in May to fund programs for patients and families dealing with cancer.

    “I remember sitting with my mom saying we were going to do this 10 years ago. And it’s just a little step toward our mission,” the Cubs first baseman said.

    Rizzo was diagnosed in April 2008 with Hodgkin lymphoma, which has since gone in remission. –Chicago Tribune




  • After a 95 year old man called police because he was suffering from heat, the officers met with him . . . and then went to Home Depot and bought him an air conditioner

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    This story from Fort Worth reminds us how good some people are and how so many become police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, nurses, or social workers because they want to make the world a better place. (CBS)

    When the employees at Home Depot learned what the officers were doing, they reached in their pockets and helped pay for it.

    Then, the police took the A/C back to Mr. Hatley’s home and installed it!

    Comment: Makes me glad to be alive.

    When those officers retire–in good health, I hope, after many years in uniform, they will undoubtedly remember this moment as the highlight of their years of service.