• She was just chatting with the waiter, heard his story . . . and gave him a WONDERFUL gift

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    Grandmother gives waiter her own engagement ring after learning the young man wanted to propose to his girlfriend but was unable to afford one

    As the Daily Mail reports:

    Sharon Heinemann of Concord, New Hampshire, was dining at Legal Sea Foods on April 9 with her two sisters when she met waiter Mattheus Gomes.

    In talking to the young man, he revealed to the ladies he was deeply in love with his girlfriend Maria, who also worked at the restaurant, and wanted to propose.

    Touched by his story, Sharon plucked the ring from her own finger and handed it to Mattheus, who proposed to an ecstatic Maria on the spot.

    Mattheus was so touched by the gesture that he immediately called Maria over and proposed to her on the spot.

    She was crying. She says, “Yes, yes, Mattheus!”‘

    The story with pictures is here.


  • He was old, sick, and having trouble cutting the meat at the Waffle House. His waitress’ kindness is the Feel Good Story of the Day

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    Here’s the link to this wonderful story.

    The city of La Marque, Texas, proclaimed March 8, 2018, Evoni “Nini” Williams Day in the city after seeing her act of kindness that went viral on Facebook this week.

    Earlier this week, Waffle House customer Laura Wolf snapped a photo of Williams cutting up food for a partially disabled man during a busy shift at the restaurant.

    The photo went viral, with 97,000 reactions and nearly 46,000 shares. ….

    Williams couldn’t stop the tears as Texas Southern University handed her an oversized check for $16,000.

    A representative for the university said, “Your act of kindness is exactly the kind of student we want at Texas Southern University. “ 

    “That’s just me,” Williams said of the photo. “It came from the heart. I would do it any other time, not just this time.”

    She added, “All I know is we were busy. And all he asked was, ‘I don’t have functioning in my hands, can you cut (my ham) for me? It would be easier for me.’ I was like, sure, I stopped. I had food on the board to pick up. They were calling my name. I stepped away, came back and finished.”


  • Simple acts of human kindness

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    This, from the checkout line at Walmart in Clarksdale, Mississippi, sent to me by a friend.

    It was one cashier’s simple, human, humane response to an older customer, flustered and embarrassed that he had to pay for his groceries with pocket change.

    As Jackson’s Clarion-Ledger headline puts it:

    Walmart cashier’s inspirational response reaches people everywhere

    So far, that post has been shared over 40,000 times.

    And I’m glad to share it with you.

    Many thanks to Robert May for sending this.

  • Thanks to a Kid’s Honesty, a Crime Victim Gets His Rent Money Back

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    A man, brutally attacked, loses his wallet as he runs away.

    An 8-year-old finds the wallet, which contains $1700, and works with his Dad to track down the owner. (Link here)

    That cash, it turns out, was the victim’s rent money. Much needed.

    But whether he needed it a lot or a little, returning it to its rightful owner is the right thing to do.

    Best of all, I’ll wager that doing this with his Dad is the best life-lesson this young man will ever receive.

  • Chicago Cubs’ star and cancer survivor, Anthony Rizzo, makes major contribution to children’s cancer hospital

    Rizzo fights back tears as he visits children at the ribbon cutting

    The Chicago Tribune reports:

    “Geez,” said Rizzo, sniffing, turning away and fighting back tears during a ceremony to commemorate his foundation’s $3.5 million commitment in May to fund programs for patients and families dealing with cancer.

    “I remember sitting with my mom saying we were going to do this 10 years ago. And it’s just a little step toward our mission,” the Cubs first baseman said.

    Rizzo was diagnosed in April 2008 with Hodgkin lymphoma, which has since gone in remission. –Chicago Tribune




  • After a 95 year old man called police because he was suffering from heat, the officers met with him . . . and then went to Home Depot and bought him an air conditioner

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    This story from Fort Worth reminds us how good some people are and how so many become police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, nurses, or social workers because they want to make the world a better place. (CBS)

    When the employees at Home Depot learned what the officers were doing, they reached in their pockets and helped pay for it.

    Then, the police took the A/C back to Mr. Hatley’s home and installed it!

    Comment: Makes me glad to be alive.

    When those officers retire–in good health, I hope, after many years in uniform, they will undoubtedly remember this moment as the highlight of their years of service.