• Media Bias Alert: BBC, a frequent winner

    A Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem did what Jihadis have done in Germany, France, Canada, and elsewhere. Sometimes they use cars, sometimes small trucks or large ones, sometimes even bulldozes.

    In Jerusalem this week, the Islamist attacker had a good job and family, so the familiar media tropes did not apply.

    Here is the disturbingly-biased BBC tweet describing the attack:


    • A “lorry attack,” not a terror or jihadi or Islamacist attack
    • “Allegedly”?? The picture itself shows it actually happened. This is a tweet, not a court of law where we preserve the presumption of innocence
    • Pedestrians, yes, but specifically aimed at Israeli soldiers and killing them

    Everything about this attack–from the earliest information–indicated a terrorist attack, designed to kill Jews. That is the painful truth the BBC tweet deliberately obscures.

    That’s not reporting. That’s editorializing.

    As the Jewish Press put it, the only thing missing here is the BBC not calling city “Al Quds.”

    The underlying BBC story’s first sentence described what really happened, though it still does not call it terror.

    The BBC tweet is shameful. It deliberately obscures the truth, protecting Islamists, demeaning Israelis killed by them.


    Hat tip to my friend, Marcia Sukenik Weiss, for alerting me to this tweet.