• NASCAR Won’t Take a Knee–that’s predictable but there’s also a touch of irony

    It’s not surprising to find NASCAR fans, owners, and pit crews are all-in for patriotism.

    They won’t be taking a knee like some players in the NFL and NBA.

    They see that as disrespecting the flag, the country, and those who love it.

    Their support for Trump and disgust at athletes who kneel could be predicted by anyone who understood America’s cultural divide and who stood on either side of it.

    Pres. Trump is deliberately driving that cultural divide as a wedge issue, much as Pres. Nixon and Vice President Agnew did during the Vietnam War. (Pres. Obama did, too, when he reflexively sided with Skip Gates against the “stupid” Cambridge police. Obama did not usually try to raise the profile of those divisions, but his policies–and the electoral disappointment of his constituencies–is the backdrop of our current turmoil.)

    Here’s the report in USA Today, headlined NASCAR owners side with Trump, take firm stance against anthem protests

    “Get you a ride on a Greyhound bus when the national anthem is over,” team owner Richard Childress responded when asked what he would do if one of his employees protested during the anthem. “I told them anyone who works for me should respect the country we live in. So many people have gave their lives for it. This is America.”

    Team owner Richard Petty, who won a record-tying seven championships as a driver, said he would fire any employee that didn’t stand for the anthem.

    “Anybody that don’t stand up for that ought to be out of the country. Period,” Petty said. “If they don’t appreciate where they’re at … what got them where they’re at? The United States.” –USA Today


    Where’s the Irony, You Ask?

    The irony lies in NASCAR’s origins–running from the law and making a game of it.

    Just as jousting was a way for knights to show off and have fun while practicing their work-a-day skills, so NASCAR began with moonshine runners–drivers who sped across the back roads of Appalachia with a car full of homemade whiskey.

    Who was chasing them? “Revenuers.” The federal government imposes a tax on whiskey, and the folks who distilled white lightning had no intention of paying it.

    They hid their stills deep in the woods, in back hollers where outsiders were not welcome.


    h, but they still had to get the hooch from the still to the customers in town. That’s where the fast drivers came in.

    Their whiskey-runner occasionally staged informal races to see who was best. Those evolved into track races and eventually NASCAR.

    They probably didn’t see any contraction between saluting the flag and telling the lawman to go to hell.

    But lots of us taste a swig of irony.



  • Metaphor!! Fidel’s funeral car breaks down, has to be pushed

    ◆ Fidel’s funeral procession sinks into a metaphor for Cuba’s economic funeral.

    The Castro communist regime created this mess. And now they cannot even drive their old leader to his grave.

    This is a real picture, a real story.


    ◆ True believers probably look at his coffin and say, “He’s moving!”


    ♥ Hat Tip to
    ◆ William Easterly
     for this story

  • Irony Alert: Spokeman for Bernie Sanders says . . .

    We Don’t Need White People Leading The Democratic Party

    –Former spokesman for Bernie Sanders

    The story is here, at Real Clear Politics, with a video of the explanation by Bernie Sanders’ spokesperson, herself named Sanders (Symone Sanders, now a CNN political commentator).

    Comment: Excuse me. Bernie Sanders couldn’t be whiter if he were playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.bernie-sanders-with-toronto-maple-leafs2

    hat-tip-purple-labeled-126pxTo my friend, Eduardo Vidal

  • SEIU stages nation-wide protests for $15 minimum wage…hires lots of protesters…who then demand $15 hour. See if you can guess the SEIU response?

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    SEIU is among the most militant unions, and no priority tops the $15 per hour minimum wage. That’s why they are hiring protesters to demand that hourly pay across America. (Apparently, you can’t get volunteers to do the Lord’s Work.)

    Well, it turns out that SEIU pays the market rate for protesters, which is less than $15 per hour. The protesters decide they need to unionize and demand….wait for it….$15 per hour.

    No can do, says SEIU.

    At a “Fight for 15” conference in Richmond, Virginia this month, the protest organizers showed up to demand to unionize themselves. According to the website In These Times, a woman from Las Vegas who works as a union organizer tried to deliver a letter asking the SEIU to confirm it employs them and will allow them to unionize. She was blocked by security.

    The SEIU responded that it “supports the ability of all workers” to unionize, “including organizers in the Fight for $15.” But the union also claims it doesn’t employ the workers because the organizers are directly employed by individual organizing committees in each city that has a Fight for $15 campaign.

    Wall Street Journal

    SEIU’s response wins today’s prestigious prize from ZipDialog: “The Irony is in the Fire” News Award.

    In accepting the award, SEIU’s bosses thanked the fine coal-mine owners of Ludlow, Colorado, who devised that response in December 1914.