• Hillary says “It’s time to abolish the Electoral College,” calls it “Godforsaken”

    Says it in her book (p. 388). Repeats it in CNN interview with Anderson Cooper. (CNN)

    Oh, drat! Those pesky Constitutional limitations.

    But has anybody asked what the Electoral College thinks of Hillary?

    No, sir!!

    Until ZipDialog.

    ZD has asked and discovered the Electoral College has strong views.

  • Cool Names; UPDATED, now with MORE cool names

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    I am, I confess, a real fan of people with interesting names.

    The best of someone I actually know is Zeus Preckwinkle.


    Today, I came across a good one–not as good as Zeus’ name–but a worthy moniker. It was an article written by law professor with the excellent name of “Zephyr Teachout.”

    As Casey Stengel, the “old perfessor,” used to say, “you can look it up.”

    I did, and her full name is even better: Zephyr Rain Teachout.

    She is married, I kid you not, to Nick Juliusburger.

    I don’t know what a Juliusburger is, but I’m pretty sure it is grass-fed.

    I only regret that Zephyr chose not to hyphenate.


    The best names definitely come from football–Ha Ha Clinton-Dix comes to mind–although the obituary section of the Clarksdale, Mississippi, paper is a close second.

    Even in the competitive arena of athletes’ names that of Notre Dame wide-receiver Equanimeous St. Brown stands tall.

    Sports Illustrated explains how his father chose it:

    The origin of the name Equanimeous St. Brown came long before the 6-foot-5, 190-pound wideout was born. His father, John Brown, had a college friend at Cal State Fullerton who was writing a book featuring a character named Equanimeous. Brown inquired about the name, and his friend said it was inspired by the word equanimity, which, according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, means “calm emotions when dealing with problems or pressure.” Brown liked the name so much that he vowed to bestow it on his first son. –Sports Illustrated
    His middle name, “St.” was probably inspired by a street sign.


    Thanks to Walker Gunning, I have learned that there is actually a contest for the coolest names of the year.

    Here are the top 10 finishers, with the first-place votes in parentheses.

    1. Kobe Buffalomeat 229 (6)
    2. Sultan McDoom 156 (3)
    3. Aphrodite Bodycomb 120 (3)
    4. Marmaduke Trebilcock 112 (1)
    5. Chardonnay Pantastico 107
    6. Fortunate Sithole 97
    7. Jeffrosenberg Tan 81 (1)
    8. Andy Brandy Casagrande IV 80
    9. Quindarious Monday 70
    10.Faraj Fartass 61

    I think we can agree that Kobe Buffalomeat is a worthy choice. He was selected by the committee and, per my comments, is a football player.

    The public vote went to “Boats Botes,” another fine name.

    There are some other real contenders here. I particularly like Fortunate Sithole and only wish Creedence Clearwater Revival had sung that tune.


    Key and Peele do a brilliant job with these sports names.

    Their sketch is a treat, whether you’ve seen it before or not.

    And the last name is best.


  • By special request: My Updated Parody of ESPN’s Goofy Decision

    Easily the dumbest, most-PC move of the day: The Winner is ESPN

    They removed an Asian-American announcer named “Robert Lee” from broadcasting an upcoming football game at the University of Virginia.

    His name, they said, is just too close to Civil War general.

    At first, people thought it was a parody.

    It wasn’t, at least not intentionally. ESPN actually made this decision.

    John Kass has an excellent column on this fiasco, calling (wisely) for “stupidity training” for their executives. (Chicago Tribune link here)

    Comment: Who runs ESPN? The staff of Mad Magazine?

    If the sportscaster has a horse named “Traveler” or has visited Appomattox, the network plans to try him for treason.

    By the way, ESPN actually has a play-by-play guy named Doug Sherman.

    The people of Atlanta want to know: Will Sherman be pulled from doing events in their city?