• Welcome to Hyde Park, where voters are still unhappy over the election

    The best way to understand a neighborhood is to stroll down the street, chat with people, and look at the yards.

    Here, on Tuesday, November 29, is a stroll down my street in Hyde Park.

    During the autumn, there weren’t many campaign signs or bumper stickers (unlike 2008 and 2012, when a local resident was on the ballot). But the signs and stickers that were displayed were all for Clinton.

    This one, a few houses down the street, is still up three weeks after the election. (Our dog Lola waits patiently in the background.)


    This painted pumpkin sits rotting at a different house, four weeks after Halloween.


    They speak to many voters in Chicago’s Hyde Park, still unhappy over the results and wary about the new administration.

    I’ve been looking but still haven’t seen this one recently.carter-for-president-poster