Giving back: Dak Prescott sets a great example

◆ One of the best things about this season is its emphasis on giving.

That begins, of course, with gifts to family and friends. But, happily, it does not end there.

America is filled with great charities that focus on the truly needy, whether they are poor, sick, hungry, lonely, or isolated.

The best charities do that without spending too much on salaries or collecting donations and with close attention to what recipients need and what actually works.

Our country benefits in many ways beyond the immediate help given to the needy and the good feelings of those in a position to help. We benefit because we come together voluntarily to give. In doing so, we fulfill our moral and civic responsibilities–and, in the process, create a dense, supportive network of social connections.

dak-prescott1◆Celebrities and star athletes are in a special position: they can set an example for the rest of us. A prominent, positive example.

One young man who has been doing so is Dallas Cowboys star quarterback, Dak Prescott. He did so when he starred at Mississippi State. And now, on a national stage, he is doing the same thing.

NBC in Dallas-Fort Worth has this headline: Dak Spotted Shopping for Salvation Army/NBC 5 Angels. Here’s a picture of Dak and another of the Cowboys team at a Dallas children’s hospital, an annual tradition.


Congratulations to Dak Prescott and a Cowboys team that knows the real meaning of “giving back.”

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