Moore Troubling Stories: Reports from Alabama’s leading papers

ZipDialog readers know that, when stories about cities or states break, I turn to the best local news sources.

They have better local contacts and often know more than the media who fly in for the day.

In the case of Roy Moore, the national media are best covering how the Republican Senate and the White House are responding.

The Alabama media is best on what locals know and how they are responding.

Today’s lead webpage from, a consortium of Alabama’s largest papers, is dominated by the Moore story. (The page is below)

The most interesting new information is (a) Sen. Shelby (R-AL) suggesting a Moore “consider” withdrawing, and (b) Reports from Gadsden, where Moore was living as a young prosecutor, that his interest in young girls was well-known. (It speaks of “flirting,” not assault.)

Here is the lead page of, dominated by the Moore stories.


Moore’s side is looking into allegations that the accusers were “paid to come forward.” If that is true, it would cloud their motives but not the substance of their charges.

The same is true about the Washington Post; its motives may be partisan (as we know Gloria Allred’s are), and that always merits skeptical scrutiny, but it is the substance of these serious charges that really matters here.




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