Swapping barcodes at Walmart, she gets a nice discount . . . from $1800 to $3.70

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Woman accused of swapping barcodes at Walmart paid only $3.70 for $1,800 worth of electronics

In place of the usual “Florida man” stories, this one begins:

A Florida woman was arrested on Monday after attempting to carry out one of the most interesting robberies we’ve ever seen.

Cheyenne Amber West, a 25-year-old mother from Fort Pierce, was charged with felony grand theft and felony shoplifting after said she rang up $1,824 worth of electronics for just $3.70 at a Walmart self-checkout, according to the TC Palm. (AOL News)

It’s a family story, too.


The suspect and her mom, Alicia West, allegedly picked up several high-priced items from the store’s electronics department, including video games and a laptop, and covered up the barcodes with stickers of merchandise from the store’s clearance department.  (AOL News)


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