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Good News/Bad news on the Hurricane front: Nate missed highly-populated New Orleans, smacked the Mississippi Gulf Coast near Biloxi

Comment: NOLA and surrounding areas are below sea levelso they need levees and pumping stations in the best of times. The pumps have not always been working properly but most of them seem to be okay this time around. Thank goodness.

Here’s the report from the local NOLA paper:

The people at FEMA must be thinking, “Texas. . . Florida . . . Puerto Rico . . . and now Mississippi.

This is the Book of Job.”

Pres. Trump calls Chuck Schumer and asks the Democrat to broker a healthcare deal (Washington Post)

Frustrated by Republican inaction on health care, President Trump tweeted Saturday that he had reached out to the Senate Democratic leader in hopes of brokering a deal for a “great HealthCare Bill.”

Trump said that he had called Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Friday to ask whether Democrats would work with him on health care — and Trump indicated that he had not been entirely rebuffed. –Washington Post

Comment: What does a move like this tell us about Trump?

  1. He’s frustrated with Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and a “do nothing” Senate.
  2. He is transactional, not relational or ideological, on many issues. Healthcare is one.
    • When he’s against Trump, he’s “Crying Chuck.” Not this time, but just wait.
  3. He’s a deal maker who knows that you often need to keep pressure on both your allies and adversaries.
    • The pressure on the Republicans comes from this outreach to Schumer.
    • The pressure on the Democrats is that Trump is letting Obamacare meltdown.

Violent Antifa thugs plan to deface Columbus statues on Columbus Day (PJ Media)

Comment: Dean Vernon Wormer has a word for them:


VP Pence leaves Indianapolis Colts game before it starts after SF 49ers take a knee during the national anthem (Indianapolis Star)

Comment: I have said from the beginning that Trump picked a winning fight here.

  • First, most voters agree with him.
  • Second, all his base agrees with him.
  • Third, he attacked the NFL at a time it was on the ropes. He can take credit for the decline, some attributable to other issues (such as fans being troubled by player brain injuries).
  • Finally, protests like this cannot last forever. As they slowly ebb (because players think they’ve made their point or because their endorsements dry up), Trump can say “I won.”

In any case, it’s smart politics for Trump to wrap himself in the flag while others symbolically stomp on it.




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