Hillary says “It’s time to abolish the Electoral College,” calls it “Godforsaken”

Says it in her book (p. 388). Repeats it in CNN interview with Anderson Cooper. (CNN)

Oh, drat! Those pesky Constitutional limitations.

But has anybody asked what the Electoral College thinks of Hillary?

No, sir!!

Until ZipDialog.

ZD has asked and discovered the Electoral College has strong views.

  • Penny Ford
    September 14, 2017

    I keep waiting for interviewers to ask opponents of the Electoral College what the original rationale for the College was, what has changed, and under what circumstances we might regret the loss. I’d really like to hear a balanced conversation. Unfortunately the national stage is too crowded with has-beens to frame (as it were) a thorough exploration that could inform today’s voters of how our government was designed to work.

  • Charles Lipson
    September 14, 2017

    Excellent points, Penny.
    The conversation doesn’t happen because it is moot. The current system overweights small states, which is why the compromise was reached in 1787, and they will prevent any Constitutional Amendment to change it.

    The purpose and effect of these rhetorical attacks is to delegitimize the winner.

    • bernie1815
      September 19, 2017

      Exactly correct. It is bizarre that people do not understand the issues behind the Electoral College – but then recent Pew survey indicates that half the country has no clue about the basics of our Constitution or the names of the primary political players on the National stage and at their State level.

      • Charles Lipson
        September 19, 2017

        You nailed it, putting your finger on a major failure of our entire educational system, K-12 and higher.

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