When you see a bear in the woods, it REALLY helps to be a professional runner

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Kenyan marathon runner, Morinda Marube, was out for his normal 18-mile morning training in Maine when he confronted two black bears, who thought he looked like breakfast.

According to the Lewiston-Auburn Sun-Journal

[The bears] stopped and looked at Marube. He quickly came to a halt and looked at them.

“I had to think very fast,” he said.

Jumping into the lake wasn’t an option.

“In my head, I know I can’t swim. I fear swimming. I fear water,” he said.

“Secondly, I knew I could not climb up a tree because bears can climb a tree,” he said. “The only solution I had at that time was to be able to run.”

Those calculations took about five seconds, he said.

The moment he turned his back to them, both bears charged him, he said. . . .

He ran for the [vacant] house, also about 20 yards from where he stood, screaming as he went. –Lewiston-Auburn Sun-Journal

He made it, with only ten yards to spare. He unlatched the screen door, got inside, and realized that the thin screen was all that separated him from two hungry, angry bears.

He was in luck.

They wandered around the base of the porch and some of the out-buildings, then suddenly took off, chasing each other across the dirt road and into the woods. . . .

A day earlier, Marube had run a four-mile race in Bridgton, finishing second.

Had he been chased by bears that day, he surely would have won that race, he said Wednesday. –Sun-Journal

Comment: Police say that after Mr. Marube washes his pants several times, they should be back to normal.


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