This isn’t just a dumb political idea. It turns dumbness up to “11”

It’s from the anti-Israeli left, specifically from a small group with the misleading name “Jewish Voice for Peace.”

They back every anti-Israeli group and idea put forward by their fellow progressives.

In the process, they came up with this brilliant thought:

Israel has no right to “appropriate” Jewish symbols!

I guess they belong to somebody else.

Yes, that’s right, the Jewish state has no right to use Jewish symbols.

This is what “intersectionality” means when its bizarro-world logic is directed at Zionism.


For those who don’t know what “intersectionality” is, count yourselves lucky.

Here’s a quick definition and analysis.

It’s simply a fancy name for “all of us oppressed people have the same enemies and the same cause, so we need to stick together.”

The main enemy is white people in general, especially white men who have succeeded in business, are heterosexual, and “identify” as men because they were born male (the left terms that “cis-male,” to parallel “transgender.”)

As a political strategy, that’s the oldest one in the books. It’s simply a cohesion strategy to increase the collective clout of diverse interest groups.

As a logical statement, it’s nuts. Their only interests are negative. They share almost no positive goals.

As a practical statement today, it means left-wing feminists and gays are allies with extremist Muslims who would demolish their agenda instantly if they gained power. Indeed, they have done so wherever they do have political power.

But, since these are allies in a highly-ideological movement, they have to pretend they have some deeper shared interest in human liberation. They don’t.

Btw, there are lots of gay men and women–in the US and abroad–who support Israel.

They just don’t receive enough attention. They should.


Hat tip to John-Paul Pagano, Kevin Reiss, and Mark Finkelstein for this.


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  • Dave Schuler
    July 1, 2017

    I don’t know what “intersectionality” means other than in the United States but here it’s a strategic and philosophical justification of the political activism and power of a relatively small group of black lesbians. That sounds absurd but I’ve received enough testimony from political operatives to that effect that I’m inclined to believe it.

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