RIP Matt “Guitar” Murphy, one of the greats

Matt Murphy was from Sunflower, Mississippi, made his name among the greats in Chicago Blues in the 1950s and 60s, and became widely known as the guitarist for Jake and Elwood in the Blues Brothers.

His tiny hometown of Sunflower is about 50 miles south of Clarksdale and Marks, and right next to B.B. King’s hometown of Indianola, all of them in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

Here’s his obituary in Billboard (link here)

Now, listen to him as he is breaking out,

Here with acoustic bass, Willie Dixon, perhaps the greatest bluesman of all time.

The piano is Memphis Slim.

Virtuosity on every instrument.

And just listen to the opening guitar line on this one. The whole thing is so laid-back and graceful: “Way Down South”

And here is Matt coming out of the kitchen to join Jake and Elwood (+ Aretha!!). That’s Matt in the yellow shirt. He doesn’t play in this one, but the whole thing is Aretha pushing him around and singing “Think!”



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