Drop your pants, this is a robbery

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A novel carrot-and-stick approach to bank robbery.

Here’s the headline in Alabama papers:

Woman charged after using promise of sex in botched bank robbery (link to Al.com)

Chief Deputy Randy Christian said [the suspect] handed the manager a note demanding money.

Christian said information from the scene is that the would-be robber passed a note to the manager demanding $6,000 from the vault.

The note read that, if the manager complied, he would be rewarded with a sexual favor.

If he refused, she would claim that he had sexually assaulted her. –Al.com

Outstanding quote from the police:

“I don’t think I have ever heard of an attempt to rob a bank quite like this,” Christian said.

“Our deputies were on the scene very quickly and saved this employee from something. I’m not sure exactly what but we saved him from something.” –Deputy Randy Christian

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