All the Beatles’ songs ranked, best to worst

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Vulture’s Bill Wyman did the rankings (here).

I discovered them, thanks to my friend Shlomo Dror, and so can you.

It’s hard to argue with their top 9, though you or I might put them in slightly different order.

What’s so striking to me, even now, is that the words and tunes play through my mind as I say the names.

  1. A Day in the Life (Sgt. Pepper’s)
  2. Strawberry Fields Forever (single)
  3. Penny Lane (single)
  4. She Loves You (single)
  5. Please Please Me (single)
  6. Dear Prudence (The White Album)
  7. Here, There, and Everywhere (Revolver)
  8. Norwegian Wood (Rubber Soul)
  9. Eleanor Rigby (Revolver)

They rank “Let It Be” and “Here Comes the Sun” at 15 and 16, “Hey Jude” at 20.

Amazing songs further down the list like “Blackbird” (31), “While My Guitar Gently Weeps (32), “Yesterday” (39).

And on and on. The last one on the list, #213, “Good Day Sunshine.”


Thanks, Shlomo. What fun reading this article and remembering those songs.

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