Harvard’s Black Students Will Hold a Separate Graduation Ceremony

“It’s not about race or segregation,” they said


The Root headlines the story as “Black Students at Harvard Will Host Individual Graduation Ceremony

“This is an opportunity to celebrate Harvard’s black excellence and black brilliance.  . . . This is not about segregation,” [said] Michael Huggins, who is graduating with a master’s in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, said.

Another student, Courtney Woods, who is receiving a Master’s from the Ed School, should receive a special award for “a spontaneous quotation that incorporates the most jargon, post-modern identity politics, and self-pity.”

“Harvard’s institutional foundation is in direct conflict with the needs of black students,” Woods said. “There is a legacy of slavery, epistemic racism and colonization at Harvard, which was an institution founded to train rising imperialist leaders. This is a history that we are reclaiming.” Woods said that the graduation ceremony places a focus on blacks who have established themselves as leaders in a fraught environment.

“It speaks volumes that there has never been a black graduation ceremony until now,” she said.

–The Root


Comment: Yes, it is hard to imagine an environment more fraught than the Ed School at Harvard.

And the “volumes” it speaks are that Harvard did not believe in segregating its black students at graduation.

Since I believe in a robust civil society, which is built upon countless self-organized, voluntary groups, I certainly think these students should be allowed to do this, if they wish.

But let’s not cloak this in such high-minded rhetoric.

This is primarily identity-based networking.

It is self-congratulation and self-advancement, masquerading as victimization.


Thanks to Ellen Weisbord for the article in The Root




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