John McCain: Worthy of great respect, whether you like his politics or not

Few have served their country with more commitment, or paid a higher price, than John McCain.

He deserves immense respect.

That’s true no matter what you think of his politics or personality.

We need to remember that as he enters the final stages of his illness.

Nothing was more telling of his courage than his flat refusal of the North Vietnamese offer to release him before his fellow prisoners.

They did so because McCain’s father was a senior officer and Hanoi thought his release would be politically damaging to the U.S.

In my opinion:

  • He has every right to say that he does not want Pres. Trump to attend his funeral. It’s his right as a human being and, as the saying goes, it’s his funeral.
  • I don’t think it is right for him to hang on to his Senate seat if he knows he cannot return to represent his state. It’s their seat, too.

If, as Politico now reports, McCain will not be able to return to the Senate for medical reasons, he should resign his seat so his state can be represented by two sitting Senators.

I hate to say that of someone who has sacrificed so much. But this is one more sacrifice he should make.


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