Federal Bureau of . . . Incompetence? Impropriety?

The FBI, which took custody of Hillary’s server, seems to have “lost the chain of custody.”

Normally, I assume incompetence, and that’s probably true here. Probably, but not certainly.

If you want to see how much the public’s trust in the FBI has declined, just ask yourself,

  • Do you absolutely trust their explanation?
  • Do you trust it, given that you can’t trust them with the investigation of that server, its owner, or its chain of custody?”

Somebody needs to explain.

Under oath.

That would include the head of the agency at the time.

That would be Robert Mueller.


  • Sam Stubbs
    May 7, 2018

    Surely AG Sessions has empaneled a grand jury in say, West Virginia?

  • Herbert Caplan
    May 8, 2018

    In the future the FBI investigation [sic] of Hillary Clinton and her secret server, and the notorious Clinton Foundation, in comparison with the “Russian collusion” investigation [sic] will become a classic case study of how politics corrupts law enforcement. The FBI now desperately needs the equivalent of an O.W.Wilson who was brought in to reform the Chicago Police Department after revelation of the Somerdale police scandal (http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-per-flash-owwilson-0707-20130707-story.html)

    Comey may have started with good intentions but he has presided over an administrative disaster in every way imaginable that has effectively destroyed public confidence in the integrity of the FBI. Too bad that partisan politics has also destroyed all confidence in the ability of Congress to fix this mess.

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