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 Theresa May calls a snap political election in Britain. The announcement was a surprise–a brilliant one. With the Labour party in complete collapse, taken over by the far-left loonies, she is a very strong favorite to win. That means May will go into the Brexit negotiations with solid domestic backing and no need to face the electorate for another five years.

The Times of London says she is “set for a landslide.” (Times via the Australian)

Comment: Theresa May is emerging as a strong, stable global leader. With Angela Merkel, Germany’s leader and long the anchor of Europe, in domestic trouble (over immigration) and past her “sell-by” date, May could be the strongest leader in Europe, even as she pulls her country out of the EU.

 Democratic newcomer almost wins majority in deep-red Atlanta suburb. Failing to get 50%, Jon Ossoff faces a run-off against a Republican, Karen Handel (Politico)

A lot of national money came into the race, which Ossoff turned into a national referendum on Trump. Every Republican in the phone book ran against him, but together they got only 52%.

Comment: The seat became vacant when Tom Price became Sec. of Health and Human Services. Newt Gingrich and other prominent Republicans held it previously. One indication of problems for Republicans: although Romney and McCain won the district easily, Trump barely squeaked by. So, the district is Republican, not Trumpian, and Ossoff capitalized on that.

The question now is whether Republicans will consolidate behind Handel. Will rank-and-file Republican voters will show up for the runoff in late June?

 Three people shot to death on streets of Fresno a “hate crime,” says police chief (CNN)

Kori Ali Muhammad admitted the killings and said he wanted to kill more “white people.” Although he yelled “Allahu Akbar,” police think his crime was based solely on race, not Islamic terror.

 “Growing anti-Muslim rhetoric permeates French presidential election,” reports the Washington Post

In a country that remains under an official “state of emergency” following an unprecedented spate of terrorist violence in the past two years, the election also has become a referendum on Muslims and their place in what is probably Europe’s most anxious multicultural society.

Before the election’s first round of voting Sunday, each of the five leading contenders — from across the ideological spectrum — has felt compelled to address an apparently pressing “Muslim question” about what to do with the country’s largest religious minority. –Washington Post

Related Story: “It’s France’s Turn to Worry About Election Meddling by Russia” (New York Times)

Among the Russian ploys, fake news to help their favored candidates.

 Major news from the Jimi Hendrix Institute for Neuroscience The story is here.



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