Out the window

 The NYT article on Bill O’Reilly’s firing–and Fox News’ future–includes one of my favorite words: defenestration

Let’s call it our “words of the day.”

I love the very idea that we have a word for “getting thrown out the window.”

After all, it doesn’t happen too often, unless you want to start the 30 Years’ War.

By contrast, we lack a single word to describe all sorts of things we do everyday, such as walking up and down the stairs.

Of course, if you are walking up or down the stairs and someone decides to toss you out the window, then, we have a one-word description.

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  • Nate
    April 19, 2017

    Have been to that very Castle (forgive the Kafkesque reference, having my cake and eating it too) where that “very German” use of the word occurred .. how “Hapsburg” of the perpetrators to use those words … ironically, enough, I think the officials who were so deposed survived the fall … so, lost in all of this, defenestration is not necessarily a life/death sentence … and yet fitting enough … kudos to the NYT in a backhanded sort of way …

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