She was just chatting with the waiter, heard his story . . . and gave him a WONDERFUL gift

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Grandmother gives waiter her own engagement ring after learning the young man wanted to propose to his girlfriend but was unable to afford one

As the Daily Mail reports:

Sharon Heinemann of Concord, New Hampshire, was dining at Legal Sea Foods on April 9 with her two sisters when she met waiter Mattheus Gomes.

In talking to the young man, he revealed to the ladies he was deeply in love with his girlfriend Maria, who also worked at the restaurant, and wanted to propose.

Touched by his story, Sharon plucked the ring from her own finger and handed it to Mattheus, who proposed to an ecstatic Maria on the spot.

Mattheus was so touched by the gesture that he immediately called Maria over and proposed to her on the spot.

She was crying. She says, “Yes, yes, Mattheus!”‘

The story with pictures is here.


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