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 Kudos to Univ. of Washington President for defending free speech on her campus  Seattle Times’ columnist Danny Westneat says “even right-wing nut jobs” like Milo Yiannopoulos deserve it.

The protesters responded with characteristic good humor and respect for the First Amendment:

“You are complicit in the violence,” reads one message to [UW President Ana Mari] Cauce.

“So much for your lecture about the First Amendment,” reads another. “Hundreds of us tried to warn you to cancel this talk. This blood is on your hands.”

“Collaborator,” charged another. “Appeaser.” –Seattle Times

Comment: At risk of provoking more violence, let me say, “Mr. Westneat is right, and so is President Cauce.”

 Meanwhile, the same speaker is cancelled at Berkeley after violent protests (Los Angeles Times)

 Federal Reserve sees improved economic outlook, leaves interest rates unchanged (New York Times)

Fed officials predicted in December that they would raise the benchmark rate three times this year. But they have cautioned that changes in fiscal policy could alter those plans. If Mr. Trump and congressional Republicans seek to increase growth, for example by cutting taxes or spending a lot on infrastructure and the military, the Fed could raise rates more quickly.

If Mr. Trump’s policies weigh on growth, the Fed could move more slowly. –NYT

 “Whatever happened to public intellectuals?” asks the New Statesman (UK)  (via Arts and Letters Daily)

The focus is on British philosophers, who once appeared regularly on the BBC and could speak plainly about big issues. They have disappeared from the landscape, to Britain’s loss, says the New Statesman. Now, they say, philosophers only write for each other in obscure journals.

Comment: No philosopher has ever been seen on American television, except for Homer Simpson.

◆ Quote of the Day: Theresa May knee-caps Labour leader (and all-round doofus) Jeremy Corbyn:

He can lead a protest. I’m leading a country. –Theresa May

Comment: May’s strength and total self-confidence in destroying Corbyn during Prime Minister’s Question Time was reminiscent of another PM three decades ago

◆ Comment: Senate Democrats now caught between “fight” and “flight” over SCOTUS nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

The base wants blood and a measure of revenge for Republicans’ refusal to vote on Pres. Obama’s nominee for the Court. That makes opposition easy for Senators from Deep Blue states, led by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, who has already promised to lead a filibuster.

But there are a half-dozen Democrats facing races in states Trump won easily, and Gorsuch himself has all the right credentials for the appointment.



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  • Sarita
    February 2, 2017

    I watched Firing Line every Sunday afternoon with my dad when I was a girl. Pretty sure there was a lot of philosophic stuff going on? 😉

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