• Herbert Caplan
    January 7, 2018

    Thank God Comey didn’t lead the investigation of Bernard Madoff.

    • Ed Vidal
      January 7, 2018

      No, but people like Comey did investigate Madoff, from the SEC, and missed the issues. Instead it took a private investigator to insist that Madoff was a crook.

      Power corrupts, and Comey and many of the top people at the FBI have become corrupt. Remember that Sherlock Holmes was a private investigator.

      • Randy
        January 9, 2018

        Ummm…. Sherlock was a fictional character, as are almost all of the private detectives that might be held up as ideals of incorruptible rectitude. I’d give the (post Hoover) FBI the benefit of the doubt pending overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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