• Dave Schuler
    January 6, 2018

    I wish Trump would publish his SAT scores. They wouldn’t stop the criticism but I suspect they’d throw a spanner into the works.

    My opinion, just based on observation, is that the last three presidents (Clinton, Bush II, and Obama) all had IQs typical for members of the professional class. They weren’t stupid but they weren’t brilliant, either. For reasons I can’t quite grasp, Clinton’s and Obama’s supporters in particular have a lot riding on the intelligence of their favored presidents.

    I don’t know if Trump is dumber than is typical of the professional class, smarter, or just typical but it isn’t particularly important to me. I don’t think that very high intelligence is particularly desirable in presidents.

    I’m no Trump fan. I didn’t vote for him. However, I don’t think he’s stupid. If he cares, which he appears to, and he has the numbers to back his claims up which I suspect he does, he should release his SAT scores.

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