Yep, it’s the 9th circuit says monkeys can sue. Just get a lawyer. Says whales, dolphins, and porpoises should lawyer up, too

Here’s the story (link) and here’s the decision (pdf link).

What could possibly go wrong????

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to some late-night lawyer commercials. “If you are a goldfish and you are being kept in a small bowl with crumbs for food, we’ll fight for your rights!! And you won’t pay a cent unless we recover.”

And here, submitted for your approval, are some gems from the actual appeals-court decision.

Yep, the whales, dolphins and porpoises ought to lawyer up and go after the US Navy.



Terrific quote about writing history. The best way to approach the task–and the worst way

I came across this entirely by accident.

I’ve been reading about the wars of Louis XIV and his tenacious opponent, William of Orange, the Netherlands’ leader who also became king of England with his wife, Mary (as in “William and Mary”), after the Glorious Revolution (1688-89).

Some of the very best studies are by Paul Sonnino. I don’t know him and, since I’m a political scientist, didn’t know where this distinguished historian was based. UC-Santa Barbara, it turns out.

On his departmental webpage, I came across this spectacular quote, which he put at the top of his self-description:

I approach history with a combination of radical empiricism, existentialism, and incomprehension, and I am completely opposed to the postmodern combination of nihilism, preciosity, and political correctness.

–Paul Sonnino

If you would like to read 3-4 of Prof. Sonnino’s very short essays on post-modernism, they are here as a PDF.


She was just chatting with the waiter, heard his story . . . and gave him a WONDERFUL gift

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Grandmother gives waiter her own engagement ring after learning the young man wanted to propose to his girlfriend but was unable to afford one

As the Daily Mail reports:

Sharon Heinemann of Concord, New Hampshire, was dining at Legal Sea Foods on April 9 with her two sisters when she met waiter Mattheus Gomes.

In talking to the young man, he revealed to the ladies he was deeply in love with his girlfriend Maria, who also worked at the restaurant, and wanted to propose.

Touched by his story, Sharon plucked the ring from her own finger and handed it to Mattheus, who proposed to an ecstatic Maria on the spot.

Mattheus was so touched by the gesture that he immediately called Maria over and proposed to her on the spot.

She was crying. She says, “Yes, yes, Mattheus!”‘

The story with pictures is here.


Palestinians burn tires as protests. Actually complain (I’m not kidding), “Israel is not letting us import badly needed tires”

The burning tires serve two purposes. They are visually compelling for TV news, and they obscure terrorists running toward the fence, trying to cut through it and attack innocent Israelis.

The plea for tires echoes the earlier pleas for concrete, which were limited after Hamas diverted the building material from public projects to build terror tunnels.

From the Jerusalem Post:

“We have been informed by the Israeli side that imports of tires have been halted until further notice,” Muhammad Hamdan, a spokesman for the PA Transportation Ministry told The Jerusalem Post. . . .

Hamdan criticized Israel’s decision to stop tire imports to Gaza, asserting that there is a shortage of tires in the coastal enclave.

“There is no doubt stopping tire imports will have a negative effect on Palestinians in Gaza especially considering there is shortage of them there,” he said. “We are going to exert all efforts so that Israel reverses its decision.”

–Jerusalem Post

Perhaps they’d also like to bring in some rocket launchers to help with their high-school physics courses, naturally.

On a more serious note, Hillel Frisch writes that the Gaza protests will fail unless they spark parallel uprisings in the West Bank and Israel (link here for full report):

 The real test of Hamas’s March of Return campaign in Gaza lies in its ability to mobilize mass violence in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron, and other parts of the West Bank. So far, most of the Arab inhabitants of those areas are content to watch the events on their screens rather than in the streets.

Anything less than sustained mass violence in these areas will amount to one more defeat for Hamas in its string of defeats. They include its inability to solve Gaza’s social and economic problems; its inability to cope with the loss of potential strategic partner Muhammad Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood member and ousted Egyptian president, and its inability to handle his replacement by incumbent President al-Sisi, who shares an enmity to the organization fully supported by financial powerhouses such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.                                    –Hillel Frisch, Begin-Sadat Center, Bar-Ilan University

Additional comment: Expect virtue-signaling students in US and Europe to reference these protests in coming weeks during their annual condemnation of Israel’s existence, known as “Nakba Week” (The Catastrophe, meaning Israel’s formation) and “Israel Apartheid Week.” It’s “all victim, all the time.”

Police stop her car, find cocaine in her purse; her excuse is one for the ages

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Florida woman caught with cocaine in purse blames it on windy day, police say

During a search of the car, the officer found cocaine and marijuana in separate bags inside a purse that Kennecia Posey, 26, had on her lap.

When questioned about the drugs, Posey admitted that the marijuana was hers, police said. The cocaine was a different story.

“I don’t know anything about any cocaine,” Posey said, according to the report.

“It’s a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse.”

–, ABC News

Swarthmore Students Signal Their Virtue

Swarthmore students preen before the virtue mirror

Swarthmore students petition to ban Sabra Hummus from campus because it is from Israel

Swarthmore College’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter wants to permanently knock Sabra hummus off campus shelves, calling it “morally unacceptable” because of what they called the Jewish State’s human rights violations. They claim the company once sent care packages to the Israeli Defense Forces.

“By selling Sabra, Swarthmore is an accessory to the occupation of Palestine,” the petition reads. “We call upon President Smith to affirm the dignity of Palestinian life, recognize the illegal occupation of Palestinian land, and deshelve all current Sabra products and end their future sale at Swarthmore College.” –WGMD radio

They are supported by the usual suspects:

  • Swarthmore African-American Student Society
  • Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association
  • LatinX Students Organization
  • Interfaith Center Interns
  • Muslim Student Association and
  • Swarthmore Queer Union

This is not an isolated incident. It is part of a continuous, nationwide campaign to label everything related to Israel as noxious and illegitimate, worthy of being boycotted.

Even the hummus is a frequent target. At an Israel birthday party a couple of years ago on the University of Chicago campus, the Usual Hate-Israel Suspects had signs saying that hummus, a regular Israeli dish, constituted “cultural appropriation.”

The current Swarthmore protesters have said nothing–absolutely nothing–about yet another chemical gas attack on civilians in Syria.

As for the virtual preening by the Swarthmore Queer Union, they should be ashamed, considering the treatment of gays in virtually every country in the Middle East, except one.